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Welcome to Lauren International

Lauren Vein Centres highly qualified doctors are dedicated to quality care.Our experienced doctors will advise and treat your varicose and spider veins by sclerotherapy (microinjection) and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy.

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This medical alternative to varicose vein surgery and endovenous laser or radiofrequency techniques can treat all your varicose and spider vein problems simultaneously, unlike expensive and inconvenient surgery or endovenous laser treatment which then requires sclerotherapy to finish off the treatments for all smaller veins.


World-wide acceptance of sclerotherapy as a non-invasive, precise and cost effective and repeatable method of vein treatment by doctors internationally has made this method the most popular first line choice in the treatment of all varicose veins no matter how severe the vein problem.


There is thus no need for a general anaesthetic, hospitalisation, day care procedures, no scarring, nerve damage and no interruption to your work or lifestyle.


Key to the success of sclerotherapy is treatment by experienced doctors.