About Lauren International

Lauren International was founded by Dr H L Saw more than 25 years ago.


He realised that patients needed a high quality medical alternative to varicose vein surgery to manage this very common disease, of varicose and spider vein problems in the community.


The speciality of Phlebology then was in its infancy. Phlebology is the new field of Medicine that treats vein disease, including varicose veins, sclerotherapy is just part of this wide field.


Other techniques of treating varicose veins have entered this field recently, namely endovenous laser treatment (widely advertised in news print) and radiofrequency closure techniques.

Sclerotherapy done correctly is the only treatment that can treat all varicose and spider veins simultaneously, producing excellent results and highly cost effective compared to surgery and the widely advertised heat catheter methods above.




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Sclerotherapy originated in Europe decades ago and is now the most common method of treating varicose veins worldwide. There are three techniques, the Swiss, the French and the British techniques. Dr. Saw has studied all techniques, he has picked the best from the three techniques and combined it with his vast experience over 25 years to produce the “Dr Saw” or “Lauren” technique.


He has trained many local and International doctors, surgeons and dermatologist in his technique and has spread this treatment throughout Asia.


Dr Saw is a Fellow of the American Society of Angiology, Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, London, Member of the ANZ Society of Phlebology, American College of Phlebology, the Vascular Society of Great Britain & Ireland and the International Union of Phlebology.


He trains doctors Internationally, presents at overseas conferences and is adviser to many doctors in China.



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Dr. Saw at international meetings throughout Asia

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